App Gallery

Here is a collection of free modeling apps that we offer as a community service. Some are very new or developed in the last year, while others are older (and developed by us under the Science By Simulation and CleanMetrics labels) with a more established user base. Modeling techniques vary as well, ranging from deep learning to life-cycle assessment to simulation. Application domains include climate adaptation, future climate scenarios, carbon calculations, and science education.

FireVision Tags:         

FireVision is a deep neural network model for predicting wildfire characteristics at a given latitude/longitude in the western United States.

ClimateVision Tags:      

ClimateVision is a regional climate data platform for viewing 20 different climate variables for any location within the contiguous US starting in the year 2020 and ending in 2095.

ClimateSim Tags:         

ClimateSim is a fast and simple climate simulator for modeling the first-order responses of the earth system to GHG emission scenarios in the current century.

Food Carbon Calculator Tags:         

This calculator provides summary results from life-cycle assessments of 296 commonly consumed food commodities, and highlights variables in the food system that consumers can control.

ChemReaX Tags:      

ChemReaX is a chemical reaction simulator that makes it easy to create sophisticated virtual labs in general/physical chemistry courses at the high school (IB/AP) and undergraduate levels.

GasSim Tags:      

GasSim is a gas law simulator, covering both ideal and real gases, for high school and undergraduate students in chemistry or physics courses.